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Custom Design

We recognize that design is one of the most important issues for our clients. Design is one of the leading elements that differentiate you from your competitors. Design is not only about how a site looks, but it also how a site functions.
Design from: $10,000.00
Monthly: $299.00

  • Tinhorn Creek

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  • Hill Family Estate

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  • Meteor Vineyard

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  • RJ Spagnols

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  • Seven Daughters

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  • Fess Parker

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  • Hunt Country Vineyards

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  • Opus One Winery

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  • Venge Vineyards

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Our Design Process

At Vin65, you can work with our inhouse design team through our four steps of the design process to match your brand identity:

  1. Discover Process: This step’s primary focus is to develop a creative brief which helps guide the rest of the process and provides a bench mark for measuring design decisions against in the future.

  2. Functional Requirements: At this stage, we take a look at what your current site is doing, what your competitors are doing and what needs to happen on your new site. This process makes up the business objectives and feature list of your site.

  3. Wireframe & Site Map: Now that we have a list of items that your site has to accomplish from a business perspective, we can proceed to assigning priorities to the given elements in the new site. At this stage we spend a lot of time deciding where key elements need to appear and how much priority they should be given on each page.

  4. Design Concepts: The last stage of the design process is actually the most exciting part as we move forward with the visual execution of the design. We generally want at this time to talk to clients about color, font, and style choices that match their brand and present one or two comps based on the entire design process.

From a technical perspective, your site design will work in all major browsers (IE 7+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome) and will work the same on both a PC and Mac platform. Your site will be fully CSS/XHTML compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it really cost?
How much does a car cost?  It depends on the make and model.  For a custom design website, it will cost less than a new car and it starts at $10,000.

What if I don't like the design?
There is a full money back guarantee on the design.  If you are unhappy with the design you can request your deposit back.

How long does the process take?
You should plan for about 4-6 weeks.  The timeline to go through the process is relatively quick but we know from experience that design (being subjective) takes time for feedback, revisions, etc.

Is a mobile website included?
Yes. A mobile version of the website is included with your custom design.

How long is the contract?
It's month to month. Your billing day will be the same for each month. Cancel anytime.

What happens if I leave?
Once paid for, you own the data and the design. We own the platform. You can export your data from our system. We will give you a copy of your design files.  You may have FTP access and can download your images and any content you might have uploaded.

Is technical or customer support included?
No. There are three support packages if you would like to sign up for support.

Can Vin65 assist me in adding information (content, products, images, etc.)?
Yes. We can help you get started if you’d like. Please  contact Vin65’s support team for more details (fees will apply).

Do you take checks?
No. We only accept payments by credit card.


Help & Assistance

Talk to the Vin65 Design Team.  Talk with our sales team, or talk with one of our inhouse designers.

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