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For Designers

Option 1: Designer Launch

Setup: $0.00
Monthly: $299.00

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Implement your design directly on the Vin65 platform.  Your HTML, your CSS, and our designer Launch API.  

Ideal for web designers who
have worked with systems like

More About Designer Launch

For more control over the execution of the final design, timelines, and client relationships, you can implement the HTML/CSS directly onto the Vin65 platform with ease. The Designer Launch API is a set of tools on the Vin65 Platform that makes it possible for web developers and web designers with knowledge of HTML/CSS to launch their own websites and mobile websites.

Option 2: Supplied Design

Setup: $Call
Monthly: $299.00

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Provide us with Photoshop files and let us implement your site for you. We will cut your HTML/CSS and get you up and running.

Ideal for designers with time
shortage or that don't prefer to
create their own html.

More About Supplied Design

You can provide Vin65 with your finished website and mobile website design in a Photoshop file to our implementation team to slice it into HTML/CSS for our platform. If it’s a brand new website or a re-design of an existing site, you’ll have a staging/development site to preview your site before you’d like it to go live.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my file to you?
Once you have signed up, we will email an FTP account to you. 

How difficult is the process to add the Vin65 tags to my HTML?
Vin65 tags are very similar to HTML tags.  If you have strong HTML skills you will understand the process.  Most web designers find it fairly easy.  To learn more or watch the process click here.

Is there anything I can't customize?
There are some pages that you can't customize such as the checkout and club signup.  For a full list, access our documentation site.  Even though you can't customize these pages, you will still have full control over the CSS.

How long does this setup take?
It's totally dependent on you; with good HTML skills and a solid design, it can take a day or two.

Is a mobile website included?
Your designer will need to provide a mobile version of your website.

What if I need custom product attributes?
At this time, custom attributes are only available by request.  Please contact Vin65 and they will set these up for you.

What if I don't find my question here?
You can always talk to our design team - click here.

How long is the contract?
It's month to month. Your billing day will be the same for each month. Cancel anytime.

What happens if I leave?
You own the design and the data.  We own the platform. You can export your data from our system.  You have FTP access and can download your images and any content you might have uploaded.

Is technical or customer support included?
No. There are three support packages if you would like to sign up for support.

Can Vin65 assist me in adding information (content, products, images, etc.)?
Yes. We can help you get started if you’d like. Please  contact Vin65’s support team for more details (fees will apply).

Do you take check?
No. We only accept payments by credit card.


Help & Assistance

Talk to the Vin65 Design Team.  Ask the guys who are doing this stuff all day long.  Support charges may apply for support questions, but we'll let you know.

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