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Use A Template

1. Choose a template & signup.
2. Upload your logo and setup products, content, etc.
3. Sell wine online.


Setup: $0.00
Monthly: $299.00

Select A Template

First select a template and then choose a color scheme that works for your winery.

Skazu  3 Color Options

Lavee  3 Color Options

Yable  3 Color Options

Vitalis  3 Color Options

Quava  3 Color Options

Twiveo  3 Color Options

Dynavee  4 Color Options

Twimba  4 Color Options

Skambee  3 Color Options

Riffster  4 Color Options

More About Templates

Our winery templates are pre-designed by our in-house Vin65 designers. Templates are an ideal solution for any business that is looking for an affordable and professional website. The best part about our templates is the simplicity; you choose the template, add your content/ecommerce information as well as your logo, then launch your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a template?
The major advantage is price; you get a high quality design from Vin65 for $0. You don't have to hire a web designer or design firm.

Second advantage is the time frame; you can launch your site today, instead of going back and forth with a designer.

What is the setup process?
1. Choose A Template
2. Sign up
3. Upload Your Logo
4. Set up your store with products, content, etc.
5. Sell Wine

While that might be an oversimplification of the work involved, it really is quite easy. (We realize it takes effort adding your content, writing your product descriptions, adding your shipping rates, etc).

Can I customize the template to better match my brand now or in the future?
Yes. Our design team can customize the templates for you. Customizations start at $1000, contact the Vin65 team for more details.

Can I change the main navigation?
Yes all the navigation (both main navigation, sub navigation, and footer navigation) can be controlled through our CMS.

How long is the contract?
It's month to month. Your billing day will be the same for each month. Cancel anytime.

What happens if I leave?
You own the data.  You can export your data from our system.  We own the template and we have rights to sell it to other wineries.

Is technical or customer support included?
No. There are three support packages if you would like to sign up for support.

Can Vin65 assist me in adding information (content, products, images, etc.)?
Yes. We can help you get started if you’d like. Please contact Vin65’s support team for more details (fees will apply).

Do you take checks?
No. We only accept payments by credit card.

Is a mobile website included?
Yes... Well actually it's a responsive site, so mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. are all included.



Quick Facts

$0 setup and no monthly fee for 30 days. Pick a template design and colour scheme and start selling your wine ASAP. You can talk to one of our staff if you have any questions.

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See The Templates Live

Click on the links below to see a live preview for any of the templates.

Skazu »
Lavee »
Yable »
Vitalis »
Quava »
Twiveo »
Dynavee »
Twimba »
Skambee »
Riffster »


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Help & Assistance

Talk to a human. Contact Vin65 about our Templates.

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