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Vin65 Platform

Welcome to the most comprehensive wine ecommerce and point of sale platform. Our website and POS toolsets are constantly evolving and new features are continually being pushed out to our Vin65 clients.

Key Differences

Higher Conversion, greater customer insight, flexible design, innovation, progressiveness, and ease of use all lead to a better performing ecommerce platform. Learn about the 5 Key Differences of the Vin65 platform.


There is a fine line in ecommerce tools between complex feature sets and ease of management. At Vin65, we think we've hit the sweet spot. Learn more about ecommerce on the Vin65 platform.


We recognize that design is one of the most important issues for our clients. Design is one of the leading elements that differentiates you from your competitors. Learn more about design options on the Vin65 Platform

Contact Management

The overall goal of CRM is to find, attract, and win new customers and to nuture and retain those relationships you already have. Learn more about Contact Management on the Vin65 platform.

Club Management

Wine club memberships are the 'holy grail' of wine sales. Signing up for a wine club needs to be intuitive and easy, and processing a wine club should be quick and painless. Learn more about Club Management on the Vin65 Platform.

Content Management

Our content management system is easy to use.  You can quickly edit pages, products, etc. without having to learn how a complex database architecture works. Learn more about Content Management on the Vin65 Platform.


Get "Business at a glance" overviews and an in-depth look into sales, customers, clubs, and other data.  Learn more about the Dashboards on the Vin65 Platform.

Data Integration

A key system feature for any web platform is data portability and integration. Learn more about Data Portability and Integration on the Vin65 Platform.

Mobile Platform

Mobile traffic is 10-13% of website traffic. Mobile visitors want your content on the go - and they are looking for your full content (not a dumbed-down experience).  Learn more about the Vin65 Mobile Platform.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Sell wine everywhere, in the tasting room, at an event, or at a wine pouring with the Vin65 point of sale (POS) system. This isn’t your traditional POS system. It’s focused on customers more than transactions. It’s portable - it goes with you and it’s simple. Learn more about the Point Of Sale (POS).

Vin65 Platform

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