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Action Email

Stay relevant and keep in touch with your customers in real-time. Action email enables you to send pre-written, highly-targeted emails based on an event or purchase behavior of your customers. Whether it’s a birthday, 30 days before a credit card expires or 10 days after an order is placed, it’s all automated, so you can easily connect with your customers when they need you to.

Choose the Action

Select from a variety of different actions:  Credit Card Expiring, Credit Card Expired, Club Anniversary, Club Signup, Birthday, Abandoned Cart, New Order, First Order and Repeat Order. 

Relevant and Timely

Vin65’s trigger email allows you to control which actions, the timing around the action, and control the message you want to send to the customer.

Set It and Forget It

You create the message; Vin65 will automatically send it out.  We’re not saying to you not monitor your email campaigns – you can setup action emails and let our system do the daily sending for you.

Make It Personal

All messages are sent to a queue several days before sending the email.  Review the queue at any time.  Open an email before it’s sent and add your personalized comments.



One-Click Configuration

While you have full control over emails, Vin65’s one-click configure button allows you to choose from a pre-set list (our recommendations for a typical winery) of 15 different action emails with just one-click.

Pre-Written Content

There are a number of professional pre-written emails already for you to use as a guide. Pick the action and the pre-written content will appear to help you get started and you can go from there.

Maintain Control

Setup is made easy with an unsubscribe/do-not-send list and the ability for you to control/avoid over-sending of action emails.

Reporting Tools

Like our general email tools, you can monitor the effectiveness of your action email campaign, such as open rates and click through rates.


Vin65 Platform

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