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Vin65 Point Of Sale

Sell wine everywhere, in the tasting room, at an event, or at a wine pouring with the point of sale (POS) system. This isn’t your traditional POS system. It’s focused on customers more than transactions. It’s portable, simple and it requires no training.

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Sell Wine Everywhere

Have the freedom to create orders, sign up club members, enter customer information in your tasting room, at an event, outside at a picnic table or anywhere you'd like with a 3G or wifi connection.

Scale When You Need It

All data is stored in the cloud - the system can be scaled up for events and scaled down for everyday use.

One Database

Manage products, orders, customers, wine clubs, and inventory in one database between the Vin65 point of sale system, website and mobile site.

Customer Focused

It’s simple to search for a customer and add a new customer on the spot. While it is a POS system - it’s connected to the Vin65 CRM system as transactions are about customers.

Inventory Management

From simple to complex inventory controls. The Vin65 POS is multiple location and multiple inventory pool aware. Set up multiple profiles to quickly switch between locations.

Integrated System

Sync with cash drawers, receipt printers and bar code scanners. Connect to WineDirect and other fulfillment houses. Integrated with every payment gateway, compliance system, and fulfillment house that Vin65 is connected to. Webservices available to sync POS transactions, customers, and inventory.

Device Compatibility

Vin65’s POS for Apple iPad and iPhone, Android phones and tablets and in the Chrome browser. Visit Vin65's documentation site for more information on how to use the Vin65 POS on your favorite device.

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Vin65 Platform

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