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Our customers love us. We are very happy for you to speak with them - in fact we actively encourage it. Out of courtesy to them, please do this through us by dropping us an email. In return we'll give you some contact numbers.

"Working with Vin65 was an exceptional experience. From the development stage to launch, all stages were managed thoroughly and on time. The lines of communication were always open despite the time difference and response times to any enquiries were commendable. I would highly recommend Vin65 to any company looking to develop a website."

Jennifer Morassutti | RJ Spagnols

"Seamless and swift... Vin65's team implemented the designer's work precisely and setting up the allocation release strategy was effective; no issues developed during the first release on the platform."

Michael Terrien | Kenzo Estate & Terrien Wines

"We just took our site live with Vin65 and I want to make sure we pass along our gratitude for your team’s effort.

Josh, Jason, Peter, James, and yes even Brent :) did a tremendous job! I especially want to compliment your team for two things that really stand-out; they are all excellent at covering for each other, so, if one is unavailable the other usually fixed the issue in real time… VERY VALUABLE and everyone is very quick to reply to emails or return calls, also VERY VERY VALUABLE."

Scott Wills | Denner Vineyards

"The entire process of setting up the website, point of sale, and iPad app was straightforward and easy to manage. The few technical issues that we encountered were dealt with amazingly quickly by the support staff. We love how everything works together seamlessly!"

Martin Fujishin | Fujishin Family Cellars

Professional, organized, friendly and extremely helpful team with great product and service. Vin65 is the Apple Computer of wine e-commerce. We took our first on-line order 15 minutes after going live! What does that tell you. Vin65 Rocks!

Bill Loken | Pahrump Valley Winery

"Vin65 has transformed our website with a stylish and professional look that also functions as an extension of our wine shop."

Kirsty Dale | Rollingdale Winery

"The level of support from Vin65 after my launch exceeded all expectations. I really felt like they WANTED me to learn how to utilize all of the tools. "

Scott Klann | Newsome Harlow

"From the beginning, I have been extremely impressed with the courtesy, professionalism and integrity of the Vin65 team. Each time I called or sent an email with a question or comment, I was made to feel like I was the most important client in Vin65's portfolio."

Scot Wagner| Stash Wines

"From our first call, Vin65 were complete professionals. Easy to work with and fast response time, they really did all the heavy lifting for us. One of the smoothest site launches I have ever been involved with. Not only do they understand e-commerce, they understand selling wine online, the technology, and all the complexities that come with the space.

Perhaps most of all, the Vin65 Crew gets it; they are easy to work with, and really made us feel we were in good hands right from the start. Good Job Vin65! I would highly recommend your services. YOU GUYS ROCK!"

Howard Jackowitz | Wines That Rock

"I’ve only been working with the software for a month or two and feel very confident in editing content, contact info and managing the store. Any problems or difficulties that I have encountered were fixed easily and quickly by the staff at Vin65. They’ve all been great."

Kevin Murphy | Murphy Vineyards

"Vin65 has been very easy to work with. The team of programmers and designers are always there to offer help, and give feedback on any issues you might encounter. Working with them remotely has been surprisingly easy!"

Brendan Scoggin | Long Meadow Ranch

"Vin65 are professional and deliver what the client wants in satisfactory timeframes. I like the way that challenges are handled - if something isn't possible, the response is that it may become possible, instead of 'no'."

Zoe Feltham | Shaw + Smith

“The transition to Vin65 was both very fast, and very easy - that coupled with the increase in our web tool box as it were is wonderful. The service is really a no brainer. The back office provided by Vin65 is nothing short of amazing. The opportunity afforded a small winery to work with and track their customers is second to none!"

Jay Christianson | Canyon Wind Cellars & Anemoi Wines

"We need a web site that is both professional, modern and a good time. Vin65 delivers that in spades. I especially appreciate that Vin65 works so closely with their clients to provide the latest in web site features needed to compete for online business."

Jeff Stai | Twisted Oak Winery

"You definitely exceeded our expectations. Everything was professional and on time, from start to finish. We look forward to being business partners for many years to come."

Steve Richards | Glenora Wine Cellars

"Vin65 integrates sophisticated e-commerce tools with a winery perspective that allows us to develop a true web based retail program rather than just offering wines for sale on our website. We are excited to develop a new line of business, marketing and selling our wines online to new customers throughout the country."

Jeff Munsey | Pithy Little Wine Co.

"Vin65’s ecommerce platform and content editor have been a big step forward for our business. Their capabilities have really allowed us to project who we are, stimulate incremental business and start to develop longer-term relationships with customers. A huge bonus for me personally has been the Vin65 team.

They are pleasant, dynamic, and above all responsive. They listen to what their clients want, and regularly enhance their product. I strongly recommend Vin65 and would be glad to chat with wineries about our experience with their platform and team."

Jim Alsina | Hunt Country Vineyards

"The team at Vin65 was very accommodating and easy to work with throughout the whole process of developing our new website. They made the entire experience enjoyable and simple, even my father was able to edit the content and add pictures."

Mary Yates | Yates Family Vineyard

"Very professional and expeditious. Any winery would benefit from this service. In fact, I would urge all of our peers to consider using Vin65. This type of technology significantly improves the sales experience for customers and helps small business put their best foot forward. Your service can help our industry rid itself of bad websites!"

Jeffrey Freeland | Oso Libre Winery

"Vin65 is professional, sleek and great to interact with. Their platform is stable and so easy to use with lots of options to make your website competitive and current. Would recommend to anyone who needs this kind of e-commerce tool. They have a comprehensive video library in their support section which makes finding answers quite easy. "

Tasha Unninayar | Zucca Wines


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