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Training & Support Plans:

A free documentation website (full of videos) is also available and additional training and support is available through one of the monthly packages listed below:

Option 1: Pay As You Go:
Training/support billed in 15 minute increments; billed per incident.

Option 2: Two Hours Per Month:
For $250/mo we include two hours of training/support per month for both your ecommerce needs (normally $100/hr) and your POS* needs (normally $185/hr). Each additional hour is billed at $100/hr in 15 minute increments; we total monthly support time at the end of each month.

Option 3: Five Hours Per Month:
For $400/mo we include five hours of training/support per month for both your ecommerce needs (normally $100/hr) and your POS* needs (normally $185/hr). Each additional hour is billed at $100/hr in 15 minute increments and we total the monthly support time at the end of each month and bill in 15 minute increments.

Paid support is available via telephone or through our online support ticket system.

* Point of sale support does not include upgrades or installation of Microsoft RMS. Labour to instal or update RMS is not included in monthly support plans.

Support Plans

You can sign up, change or cancel a support plan at any time (the change takes place the next billing month). Choose the plan that best suits your support needs. Fill out the form below and we'll respond shortly.

Support Plans
Pay As You Go
Two Hours Per Month
Five Hours Per Month
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel/change my support plan? 
You will need to fill out the same form that you used to sign up for a support plan, which is located above.

When cancelling your support plan please select 'Pay As You Go' as your support plan selection.

Do my support hours roll over into the next month if I don't use all of my support time?
No. Support hours are prepaid for the month only. Any time left over at the end of the month will expire. 

Does my support plan expire automatically? 
No. Your support plan will auto-renew until you change or cancel your support plan.

When does my support plan start?
You can start taking advantage of your support plan the day you completed filling out the signup form. Charges for your plan will appear on your next billing invoice, and will run monthly from the date you signed up. 

Do I have to sign up for my support plan?
No. You are not required to have a support plan. Any support that you receive will be charged the hourly support rate. Support plans are offered at a reduced rate over hourly support and are a great way to take advantage of our knowledgeable support team.

Can my support plan be used towards Mircosoft RMS updates or installation?
No. Support packages are used for support and training not labour for the installation or upgrades made to software. Software installation is billable at the $185 hourly POS support rate. 




"Seamless and swift... Vin65's team implemented the designer's work precisely and setting up the allocation release strategy was effective; no issues developed during the first release on the platform."

Michael Terrien | Kenzo Estate & Terrien Wines

"We need a web site that is both professional, modern and a good time. Vin65 delivers that in spades. I especially appreciate that the Vin65 works so closely with their clients to provide the latest in web site features needed to compete for online business."

Jeff Stai | Twisted Oak

"Working with Vin65 was an exceptional experience. From the development stage to launch, all stages were managed thoroughly and on time. The lines of communication were always open despite the time difference and response times to any enquiries were commendable. I would highly recommend Vin65 to any company looking to develop a website."

Jennifer Morassutti | RJ Spagnols


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