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Andrew Kamphuis
May 6, 2008 | Misc | Andrew Kamphuis

Welcome to Vin65

This is the obligatory first blog post. Rather than just a typical 'hello world' post, I want to take a look at 'why another e-commerce wine company' and 'who we are'.

Why Another E-commerce Wine Company

There are a lot of companies that focus on e-commerce in the wine industry. At least once a month we hear about another e-commerce company in the wine portal.  Each of the companies above has some core competitive advantages. Each of these e-commerce companies also have weaknesses.

At Vin65 we have an incredible content management system, a decent set of e-commerce features, some really nice contact relationship management features, as well as a great reporting suite.

We hope you take the time to read through the Platform section of our website, or better yet, call and request a free demo to see what we are all about.

Who We Are

Our parent company, K1 Technology Corp has been building websites since 1999. We have large e-commerce systems with multiple currencies, multiple price level, etc and we have a lot of much smaller content only sites.

In the wine industry, we have some large sites. We currently power the e-commerce system at Crush Pad. We also have numerous smaller wineries and wine retailers on our platform.

We are a smaller company. We are Canadian (based out of a town just outside Vancouver, Canada – which is directly north of Seattle). Most importantly, we are very passionate.

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