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Free Support at Vin65. 5 Reasons Why We Made The Change.

We’re excited to offer all of our clients free customer support! That's right - all of your ‘how to’ questions and troubleshooting that we used to bill for is now free. 

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Some of our most frequently asked questions

Is technical or customer support included?
Phone, ticket/email support are all available with free support. Live chat, priority support and 2 hours of training per month are included with a Premium Support package. Beyond the plans, we have a lot of free support too, like an online help site, a community forum, and free training webinars every week.

Does my Premium Support plan expire automatically? How do I cancel/change my support plan?
No. Your support plan will auto-renew until you change or cancel your support plan. You will need to fill out the same form that you used to sign up for a support plan, which is located above. When cancelling your support plan please select 'Free Support' as your support plan selection.

Do my Premium Support training hours roll over into the next month if I don't use them?
No. Training hours are prepaid for the month only. Any time left over at the end of the month will expire.

Is third level, or design support included in these plans?
No. Third level support (webservices, database, etc.), and design support is billed separately at $200/hr.

When does my support plan start?
You can start taking advantage of your support plan the day you completed filling out the signup form. Charges for your plan will appear on your next billing invoice, and will run monthly from the date you signed up.

Do I have to sign up for my support plan?
No. You are not required to have a support plan - support is free by default! Premium Support plans are offered with exclusive benefits and are a great way to get extra fast help from our knowledgeable support team.