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Jim Agger
November 7, 2016 | OND, Wine Shipping & Fulfillment | Jim Agger

2016 OND Preview: Winery direct shipping volumes on track to exceed 2015 by 23%

With the first month of OND (short for October, November, December) complete, DTC shipping volumes among small and medium wineries are up sharply and are on track to exceed 2015 levels by 23%. 

These findings are based on WineDirect (Vin65's parent company) data from hundreds of small and medium wineries (defined as those with production of less than 500,000 cases) across California. In September and October 2016, small and medium winery shipping volumes were up 23% versus the same period last year and show no signs of abating. The OND season marks a critical inflection point for many US wineries and is by far the busiest time of year for DTC wine shipping.

Get the full report on the WineDirect blog.

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