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Andrew Kamphuis
October 12, 2008 | Marketing | Andrew Kamphuis

Are you losing personalization in all the automation?

A visitor comes to your website and places an order. Today's tools are smart enough to generate an automated order confirmation, send the order to the fulfillment house, and then send a second email to the customer when the order has shipped. Everything is completely automated with no human intervention.

This is the way things should run. Today we try to save money and operate efficiently. But are we losing the personal touch and depersonalizing the entire experience?  How can you make the ordering experience from the web more personal?

I don't really have the answers, but here are two quick thoughts.

If you have a limited number of orders it's fairly easy to follow up the order with a personal email or to inject a personal hand written 'thank you' note into each box.

In a club situation, Mission Hill's wine club sent a vine branch with all of their club shipments in an effort to help you connect a little more with the winery.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today, and while I'm watching this turkey cook, I'm trying to figure out better ways to personalize this depersonalized experience. Any ideas?


Mr. T's Gravatar
Mr. T
@ Oct 14, 2008 at 8:17 PM
I think with a wine club, while it's great to do something nice in the package, you REALLY want to entice them most at the time of joining. So give them more joining options, and follow-up with something nice in the box and inbox.

Or, with your new "I know you've been here before, you!" module, have it offer a custom club to loyal mailing list folks.

To give them a personalized experience, why not give them some flexibility to create their own wine club membership within your store?

Which varietals do you like best or want to try?

How many annual shipments of premium wine would you like to receive from us?

How many bottles of wine per shipment?

Is the membership a gift? If so, which card design and what should it say? Who is it from? Is the gift recurring?

And of course a handy little "I know what they wanted, lemme handle it" club processing component with customizable general settings.

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