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Andrew Kamphuis
July 24, 2008 | Marketing | Andrew Kamphuis

Do Online Searches Affect Tasting Room Sales?

FutureNow had a blog post yesterday talking about online searches affecting offline sales... while the study they pointed to were about consumer electronics and about pet food purchases, I was wondering how online searches affected offline sales in the wine industry?

On our recent company trip to the Okanagan wine country, 4 of the 5 wineries we visited, we chose because they came from recommendations we received online (specifically from our Facebook group). I can't imagine an out of town guest planning a trip to Napa or to the Okanagan, or to any 'wine country' without doing research online first.

So if out of town people are conducting research online to plan their trip to wineries in your area, what does your website need to do to attract them?


Tim's Gravatar
@ Jul 31, 2008 at 8:11 PM
I feel like most people coming to Napa, for example, will have a winery in mind that they want to visit. So I suppose creating tour packages that involve other nearby wineries might prove effective, so long as yours stands out as the focal point of the adventure.

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