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Peter Andres
September 18, 2008 | Marketing | Peter Andres

How can the Wine 2.0 trend fit into your winery? Let's look at Blogging.

One of the growing trends in the industry is blogging. But a lot of wineries don't understand how a blog can work within the framework of their organization, and what kind of positive effects it can have if done properly.

Selling wine through the wine store is great for large wineries who produce massive amounts of wine a year. The wine store takes their cut and the winery ends up with their 50%.

For smaller wineries where this isn't a great fit, and even for bigger wineries connecting with customers and creating a direct to consumer sales channel is way more lucrative, and a better way to make a living. Connecting with customers, and then building a long term relationship with them is more rewarding and edifying. But how do you do that practically. Well connecting with customers in your tasting room is an obvious way, and then getting them to join a wine club keeps you intouch with them.

Connecting with fans and potential customers online with a blog is another way, and also gives you a forum to talk about and express your passion and love for the product you produce in way that a tasting room or a formal sales web site just doesn't offer.

Use a blog as a connection point to build relationships, tell your story. You will have a chance to convince marginal customers that your wine is worth buying over and over again, and you will give your winery fans something to stay connected with even if they are far away or can't make it in every month.

"Every winery, and every winemaker, has a story and a personality that appeals to people on a much more profound level than just what someone enjoys drinking. Tell your story with pride!"



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