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Andrew Kamphuis
December 15, 2008 | Marketing | Andrew Kamphuis

How to increase website traffic

A client asked me the other day how to increase their website traffic. Sure you can buy google ad-words and you can work on search engine optimization, and you can always advertise, but that's not where I would start.

I would start in the tasting room and use your website as an extension of your tasting room. Your tasting room is the best place to start a relationship.  Once the relationship is started use the web to grow it.

Have a sign up sheet on your counter (real low tech - just a piece of paper) that tasting room traffic could write their email address on. At the end of the day, enter the new email addresses into a computer and have a 'thank you for visiting our tasting room' email sent out. Then every 2-4 weeks send your entire list another email to connect with them.  This email can link back to your website and drive traffic to your ecommerce store. This traffic will be far better than the traffic you buy through advertising.

Relationships either grow, plateau, or fade. If you are doing nothing at all the relationship will eventually fade.  Your tasting room is great place to start a relationship.  Use your website to grow that relationship.  The website traffic will come.


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