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Andrew Kamphuis
June 15, 2008 | Marketing | Andrew Kamphuis

Key To Success #5: Monitor & Analyze

It’s the final episode in our mini-series on ‘Keys To Success’ for your website.

I believe that in order to have successful marketing efforts, you have to be able to measure results. Tools like Google Analytics provide you with the ability to monitor how many users are coming to your website, where they are coming from, how they found your site, and what pages they are looking at.

It’s not so much about having the above information, as much as it is about analyzing this information, and then using your analysis to improve your website.

It’s relatively easy to developing ‘key performance indicators’ such as conversion rates, funnels, etc, but very few people actually develop these indicators for their website. Once you have these measurements in place, you can use tools like Google’s ‘A/B’ testing tools to try different copy, buttons, etc to performance tune and optimize your site.

Measuring and Analyzing is an ongoing process. Test, measure, analyze, tweak, and then repeat.

The difference between an underperforming website, and an optimal performing website, is often that the website isn’t going through this process.


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