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Andrew Kamphuis
August 12, 2008 | Marketing | Andrew Kamphuis

This is your brain on wine!

An interesting article on Israeli Wine Direct blog talking about the intersection of our brains and wine.

On the internet side of things:

  • Internet marketers have a huge advantage over brick-n-mortar shops in that they can easily test different ways to present the wine, pricing strategies, etc.  (Always be testing).
  • Internet markets can let customers do some of their own categorization.
  • Free shipping as an incentive outperforms other wine discounts. 

And in general interest:

  • Group dynamics definitely affect wine tasting.  If one of the group of friends tasted the wine and declared it to be awful, it's likely that others might find defects too.  (We see this in our wine tastings we are doing with our facebook group)
  • Discounted wines don't taste as well as a wine bought at full retail. 
  • People don’t just think expensive wines taste better, they actually DO taste better (as measured by brain scans) - even when the cheap and expensive wines are the exact same product.

Read the full article here.

(Article was found via the How to Change the World blog)


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