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Andrew Kamphuis
June 22, 2008 | Misc | Andrew Kamphuis

What's Your Pain?

What are the biggest problems you face with your website? What keeps you for getting more out of your website?  What features/tools/or solutions would make you switch website vendors?

This past week in our office, we were putting together a brochure and we've been having a discussion about what clients really want out of their website, and what the hinderances are, what our competitive advantage is, and where we should be driving the platform.

We know that some clients are looking for more connectedness between their in-house systems and their websites (and we do have some great ways to move data between accounting systems and the web, and these are getting better all the time).

We know that some clients are requesting faster ways to edit data (this past week we added a number of editing enhancements, and we feel we have some great tools here).

We know that clients need marketing assistance.  (There is no magic bullet here, but lots of hard work).

So what is your pain?  What are the features that you would like to see improved? What tools/solutions/features would enable you to get more out of your website?  (Feel free to add your comments, or send an email to


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