Magtek iDynamo Card Authenticator
Non-EMV Credit Card Swiper

Magtek iDynamo Card Authenticator

iDynamo™ is a compact secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) that reads magnetic stripes and conforms to ISO standards.

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iDynamo is a SCRA compatible with Apple products with either 30-pin or Lightning interface options including Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch and iPad. The iDynamo offers MagneSafe security and delivers open standards encryption with simple, yet proven DUKPT key management, immediate tokenization of card data and MagnePrint card authentication. This maximizes data protection and prevents the use of counterfeit cards.


  • Bi-directional card reading
  • Reads encoded data that meets ANSI/ISO/AAMVA/JIS Type 2 standards
  • Reads up to three tracks of card data
  • Non-volatile memory for storage of protected and settable properties (such as unit serial number)
  • Provides 54 byte MagnePrint™ value
  • Contains a unique, permanent serial number for tracking
  • Encrypts track data MagnePrint values before they leave the reader head
  • Provides clear text confirmation data, including card holder’s name, expiration date, and a portion of the PAN as part of the masked track data
  • Supports mutual authentication mode for use with

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