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Certified Designers

Looking for a talented design firm to design your winery website?  We recognize that design is one of the most important issues for our clients. Design is one of the leading elements that differentiate you from your competitors. Design is not only about how a site looks, but it also how a site functions.

Check out the firms below, including their portfolio of winery websites they've created that use Vin65's ecommerce platform. These great desigerns have experience on the Vin65 platform and follow Vin65's criteria.

Gold Certified

Gold Certified designers have launched three or more websites on the Vin65 platform that are either responsive or have a mobile version using the designer launch tools. They demonstrate a strong knowledge of Vin65 products, design and create highly functional, easy-to-use winery websites that follow ecommerce best practices.

Bowen Island, BC


They have created at least one website on the Vin65 platform that is either responsive or has a mobile version using the designer launch tools. Certified designers demonstrate a working knowledge of Vin65 products, and implement ecommerce best practices and adhere to a solid process of design and development.

Lincoln, NE and San Francisco, CA

Boulder, CO

Richmond, Australia

Other Designers

Designer firms in this category are solid designers. They have either submitted Photoshop files for one or more website (and had Vin65 deploy it) or used the Vin65 designer launch tools for one website but it doesn't have a mobile website.

North Vancouver, BC

Oakland, CA

Juice Media
Paso Robles, CA

Pembroke Studios
Sonoma/Healdsburg/San Francisco, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

Think SF
San Francisco, CA

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