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Point Of Sale

Automatically sync data between your POS system and the web including orders, inventory, club memberships, customers, etc. Learn about our integrated POS partners.

Vin65's Desktop POS (RMS)

Your traditional, lighting fast, easy to use desktop POS system. Powered by Microsoft's RMS and fully integrated with your Vin65 ecommerce website and mobile POS tools. Learn more about the Vin65's Desktop POS.

Vin65's Mobile POS

Sell wine everywhere, in the tasting room, at an event, or at a wine pouring with the iPad and iPhone point of sale (POS) system. This isn’t your traditional POS system. It’s focused on customers more than transactions. It’s portable - it goes with you and it’s simple. Learn more about Vin65's mobile POS.

Napa Valley POS (RMS)

Real-time centralized customer data. This is not a push/pull system but rather a single database of customers between the POS and website (with fallback if the tasting room internet connection is down).

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Oztera POS (RMS)

More than only a POS system, Oztera offers additonal services for the wine industry like IT outsourcing, application development and more.

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Several POS systems use our webservices to pull orders, push customers. Email customer support about other options.

Vin65 Platform

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