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Multi-Brand Management

Save time managing several brands by having one set of products and inventory across multiple brands. Change your products, prices, inventory, images, descriptions and they will update across all of your websites and POS systems. Multiple security levels ensure that only select employees have access to the information on Vin65 that they've been granted permission to view.

Complete Customer View

Know your customers true LTV and memberships. Your customers interact with you in brand silos, but you often want to see the customer interactions across your brand portfolio.  For any customer, see their lifetime value, club memberships, and sales activity happening across all your ecommerce and POS brands.

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Vin65 -  -

Cross-Brand Reporting

Tons of Vin65 reports are available to your team for cross-brand reporting. Have your IT department or technical team extend our reports and create customized reports specific to your organization. Use SQL and Vin65 reporting to create custom, filterable reports, that can be accessed at any time by your team.

Dedicated Server

Use Vin65 webservices (APIs) to connect to your Enterprise Systems to the web. Easily push/pull customers, club members and orders. Fully documented, tested and easy to implement. Need extra horsepower? You got it. Your websites will be on one or more dedicated servers in our load balanced environment. We'll handle your traffic, so you don't need to.

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Enterprise Customers

Managing several brands across Vin65

Multiple Brands?

Choose the model that fits best

Option 1: 'Duckhorn Vineyards'

Similar to Banana Republic, The Gap, and Old Navy groups, showcase your different brands with separate designs, URLs, etc. but let consumers shop across websites with a single checkout process which helps blur the lines for marketing across brands. Check out Duckhorn's shopping experience. More details for this option listed below:

  • Single payment gateway/bank account for all sites
  • Single contact and wine club database for all sites
  • All orders flow through a single checkout
  • Single set of product, inventory, pricing, etc.
  • All emails go out from one domain name
  • It's very clear that all brands are tied together
  • Single database for orders, reporting, etc.

Option 2: 'Constellation'

Showcase your winery brands as totally separate to the consumer, but have them tied together behind the scenes. Each brand will have it's own website, URL and contact database to keep marketing specific to each brand. Check out Robert Mondavi Winery or Ravenswood Winery checkout processes. More details for this option listed below:

  • Labels all operate independently, unknown that they're part of the Constellation family
  • Emails go out for each label only, creating label loyalty
  • Separate payment gateways/bank accounts for all sites
  • Separate contact and wine club database for all sites
  • All sites have their own checkout page and keep the label look/feel
  • Single set of product, inventory, pricing, etc.
  • Emails go out from each of the domain names
  • Multi-site reporting
  • Multi-site contact view for LTV, clubs, etc.