Up Your Email Marketing Game

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Freshen up your email marketing with for-purchase, responsive email templates, built for Vin65’s email tools.

Make your emails stand out in your customers’ inboxes. Choose from stock imagery or custom bottle shots from our design partner, Outshinery (limited availability).

Take a look at the templates below and click Get Started to choose the color scheme you’d like, whether you’d like stock or custom imagery, and upload your logo. We’ll do the rest!

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Your Template Package Options


Template Charlotte

Highlight your store sale, customer favorites and current promotions.

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Template Clementine

Send out a newsletter to promote your shop sale and any special events or promotions.

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Template Maeve

A simplistic email to showcase a single sale, promotion or product.

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Some of our most frequently asked questions

What is included in each template package?
Each template package includes two designs (optimized for V2.1 Emails). When you go through the purchase steps you can select what color theme you would like applied and what imagery options you would like to choose.

What does it cost?
The stock imagery themes cost $29.99/template package and the custom imagery themes (available to the first 30 clients to sign up) cost $29.99/template package plus a $109 design fee charged by our partner, Outshinery (over 50% off retail value!). Tax not included.

How will I be billed?
Your purchase will appear on your regular Vin65 bill.

How will I know when my template is ready for me?
The Vin65 Support Team will be in touch when your design is complete; you don’t need to do anything to load the template, our team will take care of that for you.

How long does it take for the template to be designed?
Templates using stock photography will be loaded to your Vin65 Admin Panel within 5 business days. Templates using custom imagery by Outshinery will be loaded within 8 business days, but can take longer based on demand. For questions about photography turnaround times, please contact laurie@outshinery.com.

How do I buy a template package?
Click Get Started. You’ll then be redirected to a form where you can complete your theme and imagery selections.

Can I edit the template to add my own banner images?
Yes. The template is editable so you can reuse it for any occasion. 

What is included in the custom imagery theme by Outshinery?
A custom imagery theme gives you access to beautiful designs custom for your brand. Worth $228 at retail value, this exclusive package is discounted for the Email Template program and includes:

  • 1 straight bottle shot available in 2 sizes, one optimized for web
  • 1 styled image available in 2 sizes, one optimized for web
  • 1 complimentary beauty bottle shot available in 2 sizes, one optimized for web

You get access to the raw files and can use them for additional marketing collateral. This is currently only available to the first 30 clients to sign up. 

I have a question about my custom design. Who can I contact?
Laurie with Outshinery would be happy to help you at laurie@outshinery.com.

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