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Brent Johnson
July 20, 2016 | Marketing, Vin65 Platform | Brent Johnson

Introducing Free Winery Websites From Vin65

We love the wine industry and we love focusing on how to help all wineries sell more wine. So we're excited to announce our newest product offering: free content websites.

Free content websites are the perfect solution for wineries that want to establish an online presence, but aren’t ready for ecommerce. The offering includes pages, photo galleries, blog functionality, event calendars, recipe and wine product tools, as well as beautiful templates, web hosting and contact management. And when the time comes, our powerful ecommerce and POS tools can easily be layered on.

Why Free Sites?

At Vin65, our #1 goal is to help you sell more wine. In 2008, we built our core platform with ecommerce, wine club, and contact management tools. In 2012, we added a fully mobile point of sale system for use in tasting rooms, farmer's markets, concerts or any other event where you can dream of selling wine. Now, in 2016, we’re expanding that vision to wineries who are just getting started and want to start building their brand.

Vin65 free content websites close the gap between generic, low-cost website services (think WordPress or Squarespace) and our robust wine ecommerce tools. Now, instead of starting out on a generic system and later migrating to something wine specific, wineries of any size - even if you are teeny-tiny or making a barrel of wine in your garage - can work with a software partner with a laser focus on the wine industry from day one.

Is It Really Free?

Yes. We'll host it for free, our customer support is free, and there are a bunch of beautifully designed website templates to pick from that are also free! Don’t like our templates? You can even design your own.

This isn't just a weird version of a 'free trial', it's a legit free package. Free site users get access to all our content management tools indefinitely. There's an easy, one-click upgrade button once you're ready for ecommerce, a POS, or a wine club, and you can upgrade on your own time, even if that means never.



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